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Women's twisted hairband in two-tone wool, Eda model

Women's twisted hairband in two-tone wool, Eda model

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Eeda Wool Headband: Unparalleled comfort and style

Discover the twisted headband in two-tone wool, Eda model, hand-knit with care to offer you unequaled comfort and style.

Crafted from merino wool, polyester and organic cotton, this headband will give you the warmth you need while being soft and eco-friendly.

Versatility for all occasions

This one size headband fits all heads and can be worn on different occasions.

Whether you need to warm up during a winter walk or give an elegant touch to your outfit during a special event, the Eda model will be your best ally.

Choose quality craftsmanship

By choosing this hand-knitted headband, you are supporting local crafts and choosing a superior quality product.

Each headband is made with passion and attention to detail, ensuring you have a long-lasting and beautiful accessory.

Details :

  • Manufacturing: Hand knitted
  • Size: Eda headband in one size
  • Composition: Merino wool, polyester, organic cotton
  • Type: Women's hair band
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