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Nolwenn Baby Girl Headband

Nolwenn Baby Girl Headband

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Nolwenn model baby headband - Delicate lace and adorable bows to complete the look

Softness and protection for baby hair

The Nolwenn baby girl headband is specially designed to provide ultimate softness for your little princess' head.

Made of soft and breathable materials, it allows the skin to breathe while protecting baby's fragile hair.

Style for baby fashionista

With a stylish design and a variety of colors available, the Nolwenn baby girl headband will add a touch of style to any outfit your little girl has.

Delicate laces and adorable bows complete your little fashionista's look perfectly.

Comfortable for babies on the move

The Nolwenn baby girl headband is designed to fit comfortably on your baby's head, even during the most active movements. It is elastic and does not slip, which makes it ideal for busy days of play and discovery.

Details of the baby headband with bow

  • Type: Headband for baby girl with stretch and knot.
  • Size: 16 cm Length (about 32 cm in diameter) x 9 cm Width
  • Material: Nylon.
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